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Check out our FAQ's or scroll down just a bit further to find out what sort of rubbish we can and can't collect.

We sure do! As a national rubbish collector we probably have a van pretty nearby, but we do book up quickly Failing same day we can almost ALWAYS be there next day,, depending where you are

The chances are we can take whatever you have, but sometimes due to legal and health and safety reasons have to take special measures. Therefore we have to charge additionally to remove fridges & freezers, biological or medical waste, raw meat or fish (unless sealed), toxic substances, petrol, oil, diesel, soil, propane/butane bottles, solvents or controlled chemicals.

We re-use or recycle over 90% of what we collect as we're extremely environmentally conscious. The only things that go to landfill or for destruction are what we REALLY can't recycle

The whole UK mainland! If we can drive there, we collect there. Unfortunately we don't have any scuba gear, but unless you're on a remote island, we should be able to help. Check our coverage for details

Our rubbish clearance service is typically easier and cheaper than skip hire, as well as being much more flexible – so if you don’t know precisely how much rubbish you have, there’s no need to stress. Our teams always confirm the exact amount of waste before they begin so if the amount differs from the amount booked, we'll make sure to adjust our price as necessary and make sure you know before we get to work. Unlike a skip you have to know in advance or you may pay for the wrong size! We can also take items which cannot go in a skip such as fridges, TVs, tins and empty paint tins.. Plus we’ll do the loading for you, not to mention no need for costly parking permits and suspensions.

It's a 'good old fashioned' measurement! 1 metre by 1 metre 1 metre, or about the size of 2 washing machines side by side. Don't worry though, if you're not sure how much you've got, our rubbish quote tool lets you upload a picture so we can let you know!

Let's make it easy! We collect for a minimum 2 cubic metres and here's the prices! 2 cubic yards£114.00 3 cubic yards £142.40 4 cubic yards£170.40 5 cubic yards £198.60 6 cubic yards£226.80